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Italy Travel Tag offers three kinds of services

Tailor Made Travel
If you wish to get the most from your trip, choose the TAILOR MADE TRAVEL service:
I will design a completely customized and detailed trip plan, unique to you, fitting your interests, needs and budget.

up to 2 people: 90,00 euro per day
from 3 to 8 people: 160,00 euro per day
Groups over 8 people: contact us for the quotation

If you have a few days, go for a DISCOVERY BREAK.
Every DISCOVERY BREAK is a short itinerary designed to get an authentic travel experience from many destinations in Italy. To make your travel even more personal and unforgettable, it’s possible to CUSTOMIZE every Discovery Break, choosing among some alternative options of activities and prices!
In addition, if you have more time, every DISCOVERY BREAK can be extended with another DISCOVERY BREAK.

As well as saving time and money, my experience is also at your disposal to get the best quality selection of hotels, restaurants, transport (such as train or limousine service, etc), expert local guides or Day Trips. I do not work on a commission basis with suggested suppliers, instead I ask for a discount for my clients: SINGLE SERVICE RECOMMENDATION AND RESERVATION is also available.

Price for recommendation and reservation of each single service, up to 2 people: 40,00 euro
from 3 to 8 people: 60,00 euro
Groups from 9 to 20 people: 110,00 euro
more than 20 people: contact us for the quotation

Contact us for reservation or enquiry